Sunday, September 25, 2011

Red, white and blue

Self-stitched September, Day 25
Thank you all for your beautiful birthday wishes yesterday!  I was very very touched that so many lovely ladies took the time to wish me well, and I did have a delightful day and evening too, thank you.
Today we met up with extended family for a breakfast in Kings Park, because as well as my birthday yesterday it is my mother's birthday in a few days.  So we had a BIG meet-up.  And I bullied requested nicely for Craig to take my photo today for the challenge... and since I usually take all my own photos of my creations it is kind of funny to me to see how weirdly self-conscious I look when someone else takes my photo.  Eek!  Who is that woman and what on earth is she smirking at?!
Now; for the self-stitched stuff...
This skirt, one of the first really ad-hoc and creative things I attempted, donkey's years ago, will be a lifelong keeper I think.  Years later I still really love it, and am proud of it.  I feel sorta shabbily feminine when I wear it, which I think are adjectives I could happily include when describing my own style.  Along with alternative and slightly weird too, hehe.  Up until now I have only ever worn it with either white or blue tops.  Ever ever...  A red jacket is really branching out.  Now I've got them on together I can't think why it didn't occur to me to try different colours with this skirt sooner!  Proving to myself yet again that see, doing this self-stitched challenge can be quite educational, in really forcing me to stretch my sartorial wings and really use my own wardrobe...  
And the "crisp white shirt" which is not particularly super crisp any more and I really should get onto making myself another, pronto, because this is now a firm staple in my wardrobe which I can't imagine a self-stitched life without...
And my little red bracelet sleeved jacket which I love more and more with each wear and am looking forward to wearing even more now the spring weather is approaching.  Yay! for spring!

Skirt; my own design, various cottons, front and back views here
Top; Burda 8497, white cotton, details here
Jacket; Vogue 2894, red silk hessian, details and my review of this pattern here
Sandals; Pedro Miralles, from Soletta shoes


  1. Oh darn, I missed your birthday on your actual birthday, but I still want to wish you a Happy Birthday anyway! All the best to you in the coming year. I really like the outfit you put together a few posts back with the electric blue hand warmers. Very Cool! And you are right about this skirt... a piece to be proud of.

  2. I agree that SS months do make you think about how you put together your outfits and I LOVE your choice for today. And with your red sandals it pulls the whole look together. The skirt is definitely one to be proud of. One that will work for many years I would think.

  3. I really like your skirt and it goes really well with the jacket and shoes.

  4. The skirt is a show-stopper! But it is the jacket that I really love. So pretty, and versatile!

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE. And, yes, Here in the states we would call it "Shabby Chic" and it's so accurate!!! (Shabby Chic sounds better to my ear that Shabbily... :) )

    Just gorgeous. I was talking you up to some of my friends at AIF yesterday. Maybe your ears were burning? :)

  6. This is a favorite for me, but then I am very partial to these colors. The skirt is creative and fashionable, the proportions of the over all look is perfection, the fit and details...well it is all very well done. Love it!

    Thanks for taking the time to chronicle these outfits, I know it requires no little effort:) I love the idea of this challenge but the logistics frighten me, so bravo.

  7. I love your style - it is chic and interesting - I would love to try to emulate some of your clothes .This skirt is a great idea to use lots of lovely leftovers and I love your business shirt outfit - the bonus would be that cotton from business shirts is lovely to wear. My husband wears his old business shirts gardening so no chances for refashioning there.

  8. Great outfit! You look super-cool and confident in it. The skirt is fabulous - very hippy-chic and the red jacket and shoes add a wonderful dash of colour.

  9. Yay spring! That's a very awesome skirt! I actually saw something (though quite a bit shorter) at Desigual the other day. Along with some dresses that look like cute knit sweater refashions. I was seriously wondering if their designers read sewing/refashion blogs... ;)

    It looks great with the red jacket and coordinating shoes!

  10. What an interesting skirt. Please accept my belated birthday wishes! It is curious to me that having a photographer makes you more self-conscious. For me, a photographer tends to bring out more expression.

  11. That skirt is beautiful! The colours and patterns match so well. It’s so nice to have made a garment and to still love it years later. The whole outfit is very shabbychic!

  12. belated but warmest birthday wishes!:)Thanks for a wonderful SSS! And hehe yes now I have my reasons to wait for September to be over:P Thanks for replying to my request, there is no hurry and I'm thinking that either I could pick my favs from your wardrobe and you could write about them or you pick some (so hard to choose!) and write whatever you want:) impressed by your taste, style, abilities, perseverance, richness and beauty of what you display;)

  13. I love the top! Good to know you had a great day!